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The right Program for your child

Creating Opportunities and Promoting Excellence

At ESM Basketball Academy we create players, we train them by focusing on basketball techniques, skill development, strength and conditioning. We centralize on team work as well as individual technics. Our Academy’s program is designed to develop the entire basketball player. The Academy also offers overseas basketball opportunities and scholarship programs.

Program Tailored to Your Needs

ESM Basketball Academy ensure that players do not miss their training at any point. We provide access to multiple first-class locations along with flexible timing across Dubai for Basketball training. Because we care about our players’ performance, ESM Basketball invest in the development of new talent with the best conditions to nurture and highlight players’ talent. We strongly believe in progressive fundamental development (dribbling, shooting, passing). Basketball is a way of life and we are here to help you live it the right way.

Top Basketball Coaches

Our coaching staff are experienced professionals with verified credentials and were themselves past basketball players. The Academy’s players are trained by FIBA licensed best basketball coaches. At ESM Basketball, our coaches ‘practice what they preach’ with full integrity. They hold strong sportsmanship, communication and managerial skills. The main concern is to get the best out of every player.

Train at High-end Facilities

The Academy’s basketball training centers are fully equipped and designed to provide our players safety and comfort during training. The structure of the facility provides players outstanding exercising possibilities.

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