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The solution for working parents during school holidays!

As fascinating as the word holiday might sound, it has a different meaning for working mum when it comes to school holidays. While the dates and length of school holidays might differ around the world, a long summer holiday remains a feature in most school systems, in the UAE.

How does one negotiate school holidays when you still should work?

Being a mum is in itself an exquisite job with plenty of responsibilities but having a 9 am to 5 pm job on top of that may be quite overwhelming, whether you work from home or in an office. Every parent wished they could enjoy the luxury of a 12 weeks school break together with their children, but alas! Although full-time employees are awarded around 4 weeks of annual leave, school holidays are rather more plentifully leaving parents short when it involves to child care.

You might recognize yourself here when it comes to planning your work and child care during the school break. Some might be fortunate to get 2 weeks off approved from the cool boss, and also the dad takes a week off, but that still doesn’t cover the full holiday period. You may then think of sending the kids to the grandparents one day, the in-laws the next day and Wednesday you can swap along with your friends, but there’s always that one day where nobody is available, and you have to think about the unthinkable. Not to mention, the said options also means having to rely on other people a lot, especially in a very busy country like the UAE.

Working Mums - Thank you Grandma

Thank you, grandma, for your help!

Holiday Camp is the Ultimate Solution for working parents!

Holiday Camps have existed for a long time back now throughout many different countries, including the UAE. However, it has not been as much popular as it is nowadays and summer camp or daycare is no longer just a place where your child can stay with some leisure activities. Holiday camp has been redefined and studies show that kids’ holiday camps have immensely improved and now bring lots of benefits for the campers and the parents.


Yes, holiday camps do come at a cost especially if you have more than one child but the cost does outway the additional emotional stress and strain of having to rely on grandparents or friends to take care of and entertain your child. By attending holiday camps, the children get to try new activities, socialize and develop independence which is needed in early child development. As a parent, you will be providing your child with an experience and opportunity to find themselves and figure out what they like and don’t like when it comes to the activities they will be participating in.

Holiday camps not only help you the parent maintain a healthy work-home balance but it is an essential part of your child’s developmental pathway which will benefit them for the future.

Kids painting - Art


Holiday Camp is the GUILT-FREE SOLUTION for you MUMS

Being a working mum you find yourself sharing your time between your work, your children and your general family so prioritizing this feel like an omnious task! Leaving your child at home and going to work can be a very emotional situation to some, at times you may think and feel a bit guilty. With holiday camps, you can be less stressed and wipe the guilt away knowing that your child will be having a good time in a safe environment. We can assure you that there will be no complaining of children being bored, they will have many exciting stories to tell you at the end of every day and they also have the opportunity to make new friends.

Kids playing and enjoying at holiday camp

But don’t take our word for it - Kate, a working mum in Dubai says, “sending my daughter to ESM holiday camp last summer break turned out to be very helpful. It helped me to plan out the whole school holiday where I could still go to the office and take a week off to enjoy and spend quality time with my daughter. And I noticed that I was more relaxed and less stressed. I was very satisfied with my decision when I saw how Sara (6 years old) enjoyed each day and how excited she was each morning, looking forward to going back to camp. She loved taking part in all the activities and even found a love for tennis, best of all, she made a new friend which is what I wanted as a parent”.

Working or not, it is very difficult to be spending every available moment with your child or children while they are on holiday. Both parents and children alike need some “me” time doing the things they like to do. By sending your children to a holiday camp you can do so guilt-free, know that they will have an amazing time and then spend the quality family time with them in the afternoons or evenings where they can tell you all about their exciting day.



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