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The solution for working parents during school holidays!

As fascinating as the word holiday might sound, it has a different meaning for working mum when it comes to school holidays. While the dates and length of school holidays might differ around the world, a long summer holiday remains a feature in most school systems, in the UAE.

How does one negotiate school holidays when you still should work?

Being a mum is in itself an exquisite job with plenty of responsibilities but having a 9 am to 5 pm job on top of that may be quite overwhelming, whether you work from home or in an office. Every parent wished they could enjoy the luxury of a 12 weeks school break together with their children, but alas! Although full-time employees are awarded around 4 weeks of annual leave, school holidays are rather more plentifully leaving parents short when it involves to child care.

You might recognize yourself here when it comes to planning your work and child care during the school break. Some might be fortunate to get 2 weeks off approved from the cool boss, and also the dad takes a week off, but that still doesn’t cover the full holiday period. You may then think of sending the kids to the grandparents one day, the in-laws the next day and Wednesday you can swap along with your friends, but there’s always that one day where nobody is available, and you have to think about the unthinkable. Not to mention, the said options also means having to rely on other people a lot, especially in a very busy country like the UAE.

Working Mums - Thank you Grandma

Thank you, grandma, for your help!

Holiday Camp is the Ultimate Solution for working parents!

Holiday Camps have existed since a long time back now throughout many different countries, including the UAE. However, it has not been as much popular as it is nowadays and summer camp or daycare is no longer just a place where your child can stay with some leisure activities. Holiday camp has been redefined and studies show that kids’ holiday camps have immensely improved and now bring lots of benefits for the campers and the parents.



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