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UAE COVID-19: Is it safe to send my Child to Holiday Camps?

Families across the UAE are still perplexed. While working and stay-at-home parents alike are desperate for their children to go out, be more active and meet their friends, many others still do not trust that it is safe enough.

“Is it safe for my child to mingle with other children during this pandemic? Can I trust my child will be safe under someone else’s supervision? Does sending my child to holiday camps means putting the whole family at risk?” – we know the millions of questions that run-in parents mind when it comes to the safety and health of the kids.

What do doctors say about the safety of holiday camps during COVID-19?

“Children don’t appear to be asymptomatic superspreaders that we originally thought, and it appears that very few of them get COVID. We need to get back to some sense of normality, but with precautions in place!” – said Dr Fiona Rennie, specialist family medicine doctor at Genesis Healthcare Center in Dubai, in her interview with Gulf News.

Children seem to be less susceptible to COVID-19

 “Children appear to be low risk because of the low level of ACE2 protein in their blood - which is what the virus attaches to,” says Dr Fiona Rennie. It is because of this low level of ACE2 in young kids that Professor Herman Goossens, a medical microbiologist and coordinator of the EU taskforce researching COVID-19, has suggested that kids under the age of 12 can safely go back to school and daycare, according to Dr Silvestro. Having said so, us at ESM Holiday Camp, fully understand that ‘low risk does not mean no risk’!

How ESM Holiday Camp plans to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 during camps.

  • 1.      Mandatory contactless thermal daily for anyone (parents, campers, staff) who enters the camp venues and for campers throughout the day.

  • 1.      All staff, coaches, campers and parents must enter the camp venues wearing a proper mask.

  • 1.      Mandatory and frequent hand sanitization will be carried out for all staff and children.

  • 1.      Social distancing of at least 2 meters will be enforced at all times for campers, staff and parents.

  • 1.      Camp will operate at reduced capacity for each camp activities ensuring more room and more fun for each child.

  • 1.      All campers and staff have to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds before and after each session. Our onsite camp staff will ensure that each child is washing their hands properly with soap and water.

  • We will have a Dubai Health Authority onsite at all times at all camp venues.
  • 1.      Increased and rigorous sanitization of all equipment between each activity sessions.

  • 1.      All camp venues will have a site Hygiene Champion dedicated to ensure all measures are implemented as per the government and authorities guidelines.

  • 1.      Limited access to camp activities areas. Parents are only allowed at the registration area and must leave the venue once their child’s registration is completed.

  • 1.      No sharing of food and equipment will be allowed among campers.

  • 1.      Only online bookings and payments are accepted.

  • 1.      Dedicated isolation area identified if someone suddenly feels unwell.

  • 1.      We have revised the activities that campers will participate in at camps. For example, we are not having Art & Crafts sessions during this period to limit contacts between campers and avoid any sharing of the tools used during crafts.

At holiday camps, your child will be able to practice many different sports activities such as football, badminton, mini tennis, basketball, dance and the list goes on. Sure, the campers will be maintaining social distancing while performing these activities but this also means they are living and sharing an experience with their friends. Not to forget that all the activities will help them to improve their concentration in their studies.

“My son was elated at the chance to go back to DBS for the summer camp with ESM. Personally, as a parent, I was very reassured by the comprehensive safety checks at the start of and during each day, as well as smaller group numbers and am very pleased that these new measures have not inhibited the fun the children have had! My son has had a fabulous week reunited with friends, playing new sports and games. Thank you to the ESM Holiday Camp team for taking such care of our little ones at this very unusual time!” – says Lucy, the mother of our little camper Leo.


“I would like to appreciate the whole team behind this camp for all the exerted efforts, from the hygiene precautions upon the kids’ arrival to the camp till drop off back home. Although it is really tough times on all of us and travelling abroad will be so difficult this summer due to this pandemic, however, this camp came up with its activities which were really vital for the kids to keep them energetic rather than stays day and night on these electronics. I believe we will do this experiment again next year. I would like to thank the whole team again” – said our campers Seid and Selina father




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