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Winter Break: find out how to keep your child happy and active?

The kids are off school and the festive season is around the corner. It's that time of the year again! Winter break aka the Christmas season is a magical moment for kids and we definitely want to keep that festive magical moment alive for each and every child in Dubai.

The kids' winter break holidays for parents means thinking about lots of activities to keep them entertained. Like most cases in Dubai, some parents might still have to go to work but don't worry we've got you covered with ESM Holiday Camp. You get to keep the kids busy without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money. Our 3-weeks winter camp is all about getting your child staying active while having fun and making new friends.

Holiday Camp is the perfect place for the kids to escape technology and play outside again. As parents, you will surely want to keep your kids out of the house enjoying and away from the television. At ESM Holiday Camp, we work towards keeping your kids engaged throughout winter with plenty of indoor and outdoor activities that will have them playing to their heart's content. Your child will release their extra energy in the wide range of sports activities we have to offer.

5 reasons why ESM Holiday Camp is the answer to a perfect winter break for kids

1. Keep the kids active and busy during the school holidays

If you have kids, you might think sending them to camp with other kids to play, have fun, learn, interact, etc. isn’t much different from a school experience, right? Well, truth be told, attending holiday camps during school holidays have proved to be beneficial to lots of kids. It breaks the daily routine of just studying and doing homework.  Your child will learn more about sports and other interesting activities at ESM Winter Camp through the multiple camp activities delivered by top sports providers across the UAE. Kids will have themselves practising their favourite activities at our camps which they might not have been the case by just staying home for the holidays. At the age of 4-12 years is when children have the most questions about things around them and it is very important they are kept active, jovial and in a positive environment.

2. Learn new skills / Try new activities

Keep your kids away from the TV this winter break and let them engage in a multi-activity camp. We mix sports and personal development activities where your child will be able to stay active and have fun playing sports, all while developing important skills for their growth. Your little ones will take part in sports including football, basketball, badminton, dodgeball, tennis, cricket, gymnastics, martial arts, fun games and dance among others. Taking the festive vibe to the heart, our camp activities are carried out both indoors and outdoors during this time of the year. The joy and achievement of learning a new skill is huge for kids. We are familiar with school break learning loss or brain drain, many parents also feel that their kids don’t get active during the holidays. Camp can get the kids going, both mentally and physically. We have many parents thanking us for allowing their child to participate in sports they might have never imagined their child would love and be good at.

Check out the activities we offer at camps

3. Make new friends at ESM Holiday Camp

Camp helps develop social skills. We teach children during camp to communicate, to work together as part of a team and to be a leader. Leadership is developed by asking campers to fulfil responsibilities that may not be expected of them elsewhere while sharing resources and attention helps foster teamwork and the desire to participate. 

“Friendship is the gold of childhood”

Michael Thompson, Ph.D.

Campers look like they're having a lot of fun playing the different sports we offer and learning new activities, but they are also learning life skills during just 3 weeks of Winter Camp. Both parents and children reported significant positive changes in the children's social skills and happiness after attending our camps. We take pride in forming new friendships and rekindling old friendships.

4. Create new memories at ESM Holiday Camp

"I have so many fond memories at camp that I can't choose a particular one. However, some of my favourite memories include playing some of my favourite sports, doing fun activities and spending time with friends"- said one of our campers. You are giving your child the gift of magical childhood memories by allowing them to attend holiday camps. Adventure, fun activities and joy-filled days spent with friends at camps - these childhood memories will last forever. Campers often describe camp as their “happy place” or “the best weeks” of their year. And, from our observation, we’ve seen that kids and the staff who work with them are obviously happy at camp.  They smile a lot. They look relaxed. There’s a lot of laughter.  So many fun things happen at camp every day that it’s no surprise it’s such a happy place for kids.

5. FUN is always on the agenda at ESM Holiday Camp

Holiday Camp is fun and entertaining (of course!) – while holiday camp builds all-around resilience, a culmination of benefits, new friendship, confidence, independence and sense of belonging. The Lil campers are also having fun and enjoying themselves along the process of being a kid to a strong, considerate, competent adult. Positive emotion is exactly what it sounds like: feeling happy and having positive thoughts about yourself, the people around you, or your surroundings.  When someone reports they are feeling content, relaxed, or happy, then they are experiencing positive emotions. At camp, positive emotions are the norm, not the exception.  We’re singing; we’re dancing; we’re doing skits that don’t make sense but that cause us to laugh so hard our stomachs hurt.  Whether we’re telling jokes and stories or just entertaining ourselves talking and hanging out together, positive emotion is literally swirling around camp.  You can almost see a haze of happiness and fun surrounding everyone at camp.

There you have it! 5 of the reasons why your child should attend ESM Holiday Camp this winter break! Don’t you worry, you will definitely feel good about your decision?

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