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The Academy Cricket Program in Dubai aims to develop players who are recognized to have the potential to be successful at a higher level and to bridge the gap between youth cricket programs within the UAE.

The program will utilize the specialized technological coaching and development techniques and will consist of several intensive sessions held throughout the year.

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Program Membership Benefits
  • ‌ESMCA Kit Provided : T-Shirt, Trousers, Cap, Backpack, Water Bottle 
  • Pitch Vision Technology Analysis: Monthly Bowling & Batting Analysis 
  • Matches: 2 Practice Matches / Month
  • Tournaments: Inter-Academy tournaments 
  • Monthly Player Assessment & Feedback 
  • 20% Discount : Master Classes & Seasonal Cricket Camps
  • 10% Discount : International Tour Package
  • 10% Discount on 1 on 1 Coaching packages


All ESM Cricket Academy coaches work closely with top cricket programs to provide the finest coaching programs designed for school, club and amateur cricketers. 

ESM Cricket Academy is without a doubt the best place to enhance your skills in a supportive environment with a team of fully qualified, highly skilled coaches deliver an unparalleled cricketing experience for all individuals and teams visiting the GKCA to help provide the greatest opportunity of success during your cricket career.


By training with us, it becomes clear what a player should be working on next. 

Through performance reports & technological support, we'll identify weaknesses and help set up how to improve them. Once back to normal sessions, those training drills should be worked on.


Young cricketers will use technologies, used by international stars, to hone and develop their skills. 

Whether its a bowling session with PitchVision or a BOLA Bowling Machine batting session with video analysis, every player will have access to the best training tools

How your child will improve 
  • Outcome based coaching – PitchVision & Bowling Machine 
  • Setting expectations for a player
  • Outline Improvements across skill levels
  • Reports: Monitoring Improvements 
  • Eye-hand and eye-foot coordination 
  • Reaction time 
  • Agility 
  • Balance, 
  • Speed 
  • Stability,
  • Maximize speed and agility
  • Build power
  • Increase endurance and aerobic capacity
  • Reduce chance of injury
  • Pre-match routines
  • Preparation
  • Manage emotions
  • Address adversity

For optimum development, players from our squad teams are expected to train 10 months out of the year, during the season, in addition to weekend games. 

We’ll also look for our Development Players to play in the highest leagues and tournaments within the UAE.


What is the age-limit to join ESM Cricket Academy?

ESM Cricket Academy offers age specific cricket development programs. 3 – 7 year old children can enroll in Early Learners Program. This program provides a fun and interactive introduction to cricket using modified game play and age relevant activities. It is the perfect way to teach the basics of modern cricket and develop interest and enthusiasm.

The Academy Cricket Program is offered to participants from the age of 8 years and above. This training program is focused on individual specific skill development, technological training, high performance focus and tournament preparation.

Is the program for Girls too?

Absolutely. We welcome girls to all programs.

What coaches teach the various programs?

ICC certified coaches train participants for the Early Learners Program and After School Programs. Cricket Australia & ICC certified coaches train participants for the Academy Cricket Program.

What is the growth path of a player in ESM Cricket Academy?

ESM Cricket Academy offers Cricket Education to the entire age group right from below 5 years and beyond. It provides an exclusive Cricket Pathway, an integrated cricket development program with a well-defined and progressive road map.

As a child progresses academically, his or her cricket development should also progress in parallel. From learning the basics of cricket through fun and modified games, children should have the opportunity to travel the cricket development journey attending sequential coaching programs and developing their cricket potential whilst supporting their academic growth. Besides quality cricket coaching, emphasis is placed on tournament preparation and playing performance also.

What’s the fee structure of the program?

Each program has a different fee structure, for more information please select a venue of your choice by clicking here.

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