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8 to 11 years | Boys and Girls

Our ESM Junior Ballers Program is mostly about basketball exercises to develop your kids’ sensors and perceptual skills. Focus is placed on basic motor patterns of basketball exercises for posture (posture) of the body and exercises for the development of general motor skills with the use of a number of props, with more than  4-hours of training per week.

Program Membership Benefits
  • ESMBA Official Kit Provided
  • Professional FIBA Coaching by top coaches in UAE
  • PE curriculum supported by PSSA Accredited Coaches
  • Complimentary ‘Baseline Testing’ provided
  • Personalized Training Programs provided 
  • Priority access & discounts to Basketball Camps
  • Priority bookings and discounts for International Basketball Trips 
  • Weekend Practice at Center of Excellence Venue
  • Tournaments: Monthly schedule of tournaments and matches


Sportsmanship and teamwork are an integral part of all our basketball programs and academies.


The goal is to develop muscle memory through practice and repetition of a variety of exercises so that new skills turn into natural habits.


Transform basic motor patterns into the ability to play to resolve instant basketball games/tournaments situations.

How your child will improve 
Motor & Movement Skills
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Change of direction
  • Stopping of motion
Basket Game Situation
  • Geography of Basketball Court
  • Defense & Attack
  • Rules of Basketball
  • Running with the ball
  • Passing the ball to a team mate
Psychological Development
  • Feel involved with peer group
  • Ability to communicate & solve basic problems
  • Social skills & coping strategies


Which age groups are participating in the Basketball Program?

We have three age group namely 4 -7, 8-11 and 12-15 (Boys and Girls).

What is the qualification of the coaching staff?

Our coaches are ex-professional players, professional coaches at the top levels and FIBA licensed. 

Why is ESM Basketball Academy a different Academy?

The Academy is offering Basketball Academy Program along with the many different projects such as: local and international tournaments, scholarship program, events and international trips. It is the fastest growing Academy in UAE. Our international networking is providing us with multiple opportunities to work and play outside the UAE.

Is there special requirement for joining the Academy (skills and level of playing)?

Our basketball programs are adjusted to all ages and levels (from beginner to professional level).

Does ESM Basketball Academy have basketball tournaments and events on international level?

Yes, ESM Basketball Academy has basketball tournaments on international level. This year we have joined Bigfoot Hoops AAU Tournament in Las Vegas together with more than 570 teams from US and rest of the world. During the next Summer we will also join the Basketball Tournament in Las Vegas with at least 2 teams (U15, U16) and in March we will join one of the most prestigious U14 tournaments in Barcelona, Spain.

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