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GEMS Heritage Cricket Academy, powered by ESM Cricket Academy, is a brand-new cricket coaching academy in Dubai that offers the best professional facilities & high-performance coaching for children in the UAE. 

With the best youth cricket facilities, state-of-the-art technology, a solid curriculum and ICC qualified coaches, GEMS Heritage Cricket Academy players receive unmatched training and solid support for them to sharpen their game and pursue their dream to play on the international stage. 

The right Academy for your child


The results of expert cricket coaching become much more amplified when students are trained within inspiring environments. 

With 21 Cricket nets, 3 international size turf pitches, floodlights, world class indoor facilities and so much more, our facility is designed to offer unparallel development support in the UAE.


At GHCA, we pave the way to excellent cricketing through a focused, structured and facts-based path. We make use of tools and equipment, such as BOLA Bowling Machine & PitchVision technology which allows for accurate assessment of your performance based on key metrics, that make progress monitoring much sharper and more insightful.


Expert, experienced, system-based and compassionate coaching is the strength and backbone of the training process that students receive from GHCA. Expect no less than top-notch coaching when you’re mentored by ICC qualified coaches in Dubai.


Academy players will be part of many masterclass camps & also compete in a number of tournaments for different age groups, including youth indoor and outdoor tournaments, national schools competitions and in the most elite tournaments in the country.

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