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Most popular camp amongst parents in Dubai with a good mix of sports to get the campers hearts pumping, and indoor activities to help concentrate minds and encourage dexterity.

ESM Holiday Camp is a multi-activity camp where we have carefully handpicked the camp activities for children aged 4-12 years old respectively. Your child will have the opportunity to practice lots of different types of activities which will help them nurture social skills, adopt a healthy lifestyle, enhance their self-confidence, foster teamwork and encourage personal growth.

Campers enjoy a wide range of wonderful activities, leaving them exhilarated and hungry for more. Our holiday camp is where many campers discover abilities they never previously realized they had. To maintain the school holiday feeling and environment, we make sure everything is done with an eye on fun and participation, allowing every camper to realize his or her potential in a pressure-free environment.

From Sports Activities, Team Building Activities, Aqua Fun(not during half term), Dance to Art & Crafts Activities (not during half term)


It is essential for us at ESM Holiday Camp that campers not only have fun when they are at our camp, but they expand their horizons, challenge themselves and learn new things each time they attend our Summer camp, Spring camp, Winter camp and Half-Term camp. We take pride in employing staffs and coaches that are highly qualified, knowledgable and happy to coach and assist our campers during all of their activities. We make it a must that all campers get the best assistance as needed.

An array of different sports and physical activities for our campers

One of the many unique aspects of ESM Holiday Camp is the wide array of sports activities we offer to our campers each holiday break. We encourage all our campers to participate in a sport they love, or perhaps try a new sport and challenge themselves to discover a hidden talent! We work in collaboration with various top sports providers across the UAE, which means the instructors/coaches are highly qualified and experienced. The comfort of the campers is of great importance to us, this means that beginners will learn with other beginners and experts can compete with experts. At the end of the day, we want all campers to have fun, enjoy with their friends and learn new things!

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